Friday, June 8, 2012

3WW: Fairytale Woes: Kermit or Miss Piggy?

Fairytale Woes: Kermit or Miss Piggy?

The bulky sweater cramped my style; I struggled it off and threw it on the
dresser. Maybe my suede jacket would fit
better. With a jade silk blouse, tucked
in blue jeans. Hmmmm, and a belt. And boots.

Dressing for a first date can be murder on clothes. I misted my casual pony tail ‘knot’
with Caresse by Avalon, sprayed a splash
across my tummy and dusted the scent down the heels of my jeans.

Sighing once more into the mirror, I resigned myself to the
inevitable. He was going to have to like
me for me, warts and all, but better that than some princess neither of us
could maintain or stand for long.

Not a bad deal.

This weeks' Three Word Wednesday's offerings are "bulky," "mist" and "resign."  Stop by 3WW to see other imaginings.  I know I will.  Thanks for stopping by.

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jaerose said...

Kermit all the's not easy being green..but it is far nicer..jae :)