Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ediets Community DOWN

The community support groups on E*diets have been "down" for a few days now.

Is anyone out there needing to vent about this? Drop your comments here now.

What's been going on with you today? Here's the list of 3 things we should all be doing daily:
  1. Drinking water: 1/2 our body weight in ounces of water (up to 100 oz daily).
  2. Staying "OP" or "On" program - within our carb level, our calories, sodium, whatever each of us tracks to see how we are doing daily with our energy/food intake.
  3. Exercising - 20-30 min a day usually. I like to do about 250-300 min/week and put it into about 3 days a week rather than daily.

Been a bit lax on that myself lately. I did get all my water in yesterday.

Stress has not been my friend this week - coming at me from all directions, and I see it in the food choices I am wanting to make. Forcing the water in yesterday helped me. Taking my supplements helps me. I will get back on track; just knowing that gives me strength.

The "demons" that tempt us to eat badly, neglect our exercise and neglect our homes, family, and friends, and ourselves most of all, do come back to visit from time to time. Know that you do not need to let them stay long. Use the 3-day rule (both company and fish goes bad after three days?) and send them packing after you've had your little visit.

Going into work today this Sunday, planning to take off tomorrow to take in an opening day major league ballgame - I hear they are pretty fun.

What are you doing for yourself today?

I'm eating the elephant, one day at a time.

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