Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Low Carb Recipes Found

I love to cook, and I love to play around with various seasonings and spices in my cooking.

What I don't like are low-carb recipes that taste yucky! Having traveled a lot in my life (not as much as some, but more than most), I have a low tolerance for some of the substitutes we make in the low-carb dieting area. For instance, I have a lot of difficulty with the chocolate recipes in the Atkins book.

I was browsing some of the blogs that Cleo (see sidebar) has listed on her blog and came across this one on recipes. Not a blog, but a website with a bunch of recipes, sorted and with pictures, that have that yum-yum appeal to good eating! Atkins should be good eating. We just need to remember that as we come off of weight loss and go into maintenance that we need to also move farther toward healthy choices and reducing some of our easier choices which might be higher in cholesterol and fat.

Wherever you are - induction, weight loss, on-going weight loss (OWL), or maintenance, you are sure to find something here to keep you going, happy, smiling, and losing!!

For myself, I see that I can learn something about almond flour use for baking!

Happy eating!

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FLUUD7 said...

Hey! Got your blog comment! I live in central Indiana. I see that you're from Ohio. I'd say that's fairly close! :)