Monday, April 21, 2008

Things I Did Right Today

I got a little lax lately, knowing I shouldn't, spending time with a special special man in my life. I should have managed the water at least, but even that got away from me. I didn't exercise for 10 days - we all know how hard that can be to recover from! - and worse, my metabolism dropped. Big Bummer!!

So, today, what I did right (WIDRT):

1. Had yogurt and fiber and strawberries (vit C) for breakfast (recall that I was on MAINTENANCE, not OWL, tho I may need to cut back to OWL if the exercising and other corrections don't get my weight back to a couple of weeks ago).

2. Drank lots of water - all that I needed to, in fact

3. Went to a Zumba class, where Christine proceeded to try to kill us. I survived, but how embarrassing to be an instructor and feel like a beginner after a class! And I did 2-3 classes last week, so I don't think I was that bad off.

Granted, I came after working 11 hours at work, but still.

The class was over-packed, too - about 45 students where 20-25 is a good class size for the room. I know I work harder on each of the routines because I know what muscle groups we're supposed to be working, and I work them. But still.

But still.

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