Friday, April 25, 2008

3 Ways to Deal with Stress and Carbs

It's been a rough week at work - not the stress level from dealing with the personalities as just having deadlines looming and knowing we have a lot of information to process in order to produce some spreadsheets. Finished them today - but we ended up estimating something entirely different after a come-to-Jesus meeting on Tuesday. Hallelujah!

But, the point is that after my 10-day hiatus from exercising, eating right, and drinking enough water, I am still dealing with the carb addiction! I wanted something to munch on constantly.

So what did I do?

Looked for substitutes which would give me the crunch, but fewer carbs. Not sure how I did - the wasabi peas are all gone.

Kept emergency food on hand again. (So, I did keep my chocolate intake at work down to one hershey bar today. Yesterday I ate half a pack of thin mints!)

Three more things I can do and will do:
  1. My own zumba at home (working on new choreographies to teach)
  2. Mow the lawn (another good workout usually, not too bad, either).
  3. Put air in the bike tires and hit the trail.

So, let's schedule those events.
  • Mowing the lawn - if I can get the mower fixed Saturday - on Saturday.
  • Air in the tires - Saturday if time, else Sunday
  • Zumba choreography - Sunday

Maybe I can do the zumba choreography on my back patio. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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