Monday, April 21, 2008

Today's Menu

What I ate today:

Coffee, 3 cups? - black (I can do that with good coffee, or good-enough coffee)
1 cup Yogurt with diced strawberries (1/2 cup?) and some Fiber One Cereal (1/2 cup?)

Steamed Tuna & Broccoli in pats of butter, lemon juice (bottled), and dill weed

I used the steam bags that are new to do this - someone at work had done it and told me to zap it for 2-1/2 min, which I did. The tuna was wa-a-a-a-y overcooked for me, a sushi lover, so I will cut it back a lot. Also, the broccoli came out good (from raw, mind you) and so I will leave it and remove the fish next time, then add the fish back for the last minute.

After that, I didn't eat so well. But, I did stick to ONE diet soda, and ate some Wasabi Peas, which would have been fine if I hadn't had so many of them. Two many factors, and even then, I went and got a small bag of chips (about 20-25 carbs, so with my metabolism up, I can normally handle them) and discovered the frozen Thin Mints my co-hort had forgotten. He offered them to me, and I had been craving chocolate (it's stress week at work), so I got 4 for him and 4 for me, then he brought the box back into the office, not knowing I'd already brought us some. He took a few more, but the box was done for - or at least that foiled half.

My list is getting away from me. A handful of barbecue chip crumbs when I got home later, then a cup of yogurt with Fiber One cereal and some sugar-free strawberry preserves thrown in for the strawberry/splenda mix I had used for the morning (too tired to cut strawberries).

How does your daily menu compare? What did you do right, what can you improve? C'mon, inquiring minds wanna know!! Post a comment below - it may say it can't be anonymous, but it can - just make something up ;)

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