Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quickly Checking IN; Check it OUT

Wouldn't want you all to think I'd left you (or my plans), but I'm reporting from another computer that my computer won't let me sign into the google blogger. I've tried a myriad of things related to the directions they give me (cookies, history, java, etc.) but to no avail. It's quite frustrating!

In the meantime, I'm converting my stats/vitals into a spreadsheet, which is a very useful tool that I've used before. I want to eventually upload it and link it to the main blog so that you don't have to scroll thru that, but can easily access it, and so that the data is easily digestible in both numeric and picture form.

I have found that a simple 1-month chart showing one week at a time against another week will show trends in one's weight loss.

Then I like to add factors to my notes: how much did I exercise that day, did I do weight/strength training, cardio, drink all my water? Was it TTOTM? Did I have a headache- that might be another thing to note - various health effects that you want to track. Some might simply be related to a food you ate, while others might have an effect on your weight loss.

Those are called 'anomalies' and should be noted. What you are looking for, beyond the anomalies, is a trend - up or down - and over certain repeatable time periods.
Generally many people will experience a weight gain over the weekends and a
weight loss during the week.

Determining your own trend is the first step to deciding how to adjust and even if you need to adjust. Sometimes knowing that you go up and down, but are ever trending downward, is enough to keep you going when you do get discouraged by the "ups."

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