Thursday, May 17, 2012

3WW: The Spawning

The Spawning

I won’t fawn over you
As I sit juggling our expense books --
That egg was laid a long time ago
And hatched dirty and yellow, rotten.

Now I find etchings in the margins of our lives --
Coffee stains and report cards,
Slivers of blue that sparkle with hope
In the eyes of our only child.

I cannot tell her the dream I had,
So I pluck feathers from the nests of eagles
And hot-glue them to her pelt,
Dreaming of werewolves navigating the sun.

This week's three cue words from 3WW (three-word wednesdays) are fawn, juggle, and navigate.  I hope you've enjoyed my little tale, a little different from Little Red Riding Hood, but maybe not, maybe this was the denouement, in modern times.  Click on the link to 3WW to see more examples of prose and poetry inspired by these three words.  Most are by real poets.  Thanks for visiting!


Alice Audrey said...

Hot glueing them to her pelt is such a disturbing image. This poem has great layers.

Mariya Koleva said...

I like the "Slivers of blue that sparkle with hope"... The tone is a bit bleak, but then - that's life ;-)
Lovely poem!

jaerose said...

Like Alice that pelt leapt out at me like the wolf itself..your poem had a great gothic feel..dark..mysterious...gritty..left me thinking..Jae

Berowne said...

We all have those etchings in the margins of our lives - well written.

Hannah said...

I really enjoy how this holds elements that are dream-like causing the reader to reach and decipher. I enjoy "blue sliver of hope, " too!Great poem!

Sheilagh Lee said...

ooh I love the story I this

Nancy J. Cohen said...

Interesting imagery!