Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3WW: My Godly Pursuits

Today, Three-Word Wednesdays (3WW) brings us:  just, penalize, and generous.  I thought I'd address the dichotomy of trying to be just as well as being the one responsible for showing mercy.  Not only judges in courts must face this dilemma.... Only our mortal belief that our own personal G-d does it right -- no matter how much our small minds are incapable of comprehending the final and ultimate purpose -- can really allow us to accept the things that happen to us, where justice is not served or where mercy is not meted out to our satisfaction.  Can you imagine what it must be like, though, to have to be the one who decides?

My Godly Pursuits

Whether I am just or generous,

I must penalize that one.

Must I be righteous?

Where is my left hand

When I reach out to smite thee with justice?

Where is the mercy for the damned?

Whither can one show mercy and show justice?

How can mercy for one be justice for another?

How can justice for one be mercy on another?

Why am I the one to judge – to decide?

I want to be generous, loving and kind--

Yet I must be just, must penalize those I also love.

For without that, I am not a righteous God,

I cannot be trusted.

But if I am without mercy, I also

Cannot be trusted.

It seems that I

Am the one



oldegg said...

Certainly not an easy job from our standpoint. When we humans have responsibility for deciding the fate of others we have the capacity to show mercy and give a second chance. So we must be unpredictable otherwise we will be known as a soft touch. It is not easy to do everything with love. Are you aspiring for the top job?

jaerose said...

The weight of thought that any god must shoulder cannot be an easy pursuit..what a unique POV..maybe that is why each person needs to be accountable for what they do? Jae

Angel said...

I definitely wouldn't want to responsibility.

Cyndi Pauwels said...

Catching up on your blog - had no idea you were a poet! You've been holding out on your weekly writing buds. I'm impressed.

Di Eats the Elephant said...

You're too kind, Cyndi. I am a poor poet, but I like to dabble to keep my mind thinking creatively while I mire in my plot miasma. The others are kind enough to read it and give me encouragement on the ideas/premises without any delusions of being a poet. If you want to read some really good stuff, tho, do click on the 3WW tag and visit some of the others. There are usually about 40 weekly submissions and despite the short turn-around, and the different takes on the three words is interesting creatively as well as seeing how talented the others are.

Sheilagh Lee said...

sometimes it seems that way that you are the only one be penalized.