Sunday, April 29, 2012

3WW: The Assistant

The Assistant

Kinks from life’s blood, this mortal coil. I roll my shoulders, crack my neck.
Ponder on life’s blood . . .
What was
--- A minute ago merely in slumber
Minutes from now safely ensconced.

From Tender Moments
We live Life’s kinkiest plans.
I pause and consider these things:
Pink swirls disappearing,
Twinkles down the blade flashing in the moonlight from the window.
The water races down, pushing pink swirls toward the drain
A trace of what was
An image of life going on into the sea of contentedness beyond that which we mortals endure
A jealousy that I can only imagine
--Can merely assist--
In providing others that walk through the door
Beyond a glimpse
Beyond a glimmer
A final immersion in the sea of tranquility.

Based on 3WW's weekly three words kinky, bloody, and tender, this poem brings a little insight into the mind of The Assistant.  Perhaps one day we'll get to see more of his work. 


Sheilagh Lee said...

truly beautiful piece Di

Di Eats the Elephant said...

Thanks, Sheilagh Lee. I was trying to write from the viewpoint of one who felt they were doing G-d's calling - as "his" assistant - whereas most of us might think they were simply to be locked up. I didn't feel I needed to mention G-d in the piece...tho I guess Dan Brown did.