Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Tidings

Spending time with my sons, hearing their laughter - those are the most joyous things in the world to me.  This weekend I got to spend time with both.

Guitar lessons for the 15 year old who's also learning to drive, grabbed breakfast on the run, but with a few minutes to spare, we ate in the car and talked.

Then, I took my recently-turned 18 year old son out to find a tux for not one but two proms he's attending with his girlfriend - his and hers.  We ended up buying a tux, getting a suit thrown in (now he's ready for job interviews, too, now and throughout his college years), and it was so much fun helping him pick ties and shirts and suits and tuxes and just so thrilling that he's actually excited now to go to prom. Twenty of his friends are all sitting down in the same restaurant, all dressed up, and he can't wait.  Be still, my beating Momma's heart!

I'm still writing, still working on the innertube of fat I wrapped around my waist.  We almost went bicycling too but spent time checking out potential places of employment instead.  These are the joys of my life, and before I had my children, as most of you who've been through that change know, I never would have wished for the lack of time, the extra weight, the extra cost, the changes to my own lifestyle, but once I saw those baby eyes peering into mine, I was hooked and I'd give everything I own away to be there with them always. 

This is how my Spring tides are washing against the shore of my life.  It's a nice feeling this weekend.  I'm still working on my Three Words Wednesday (3WW) prompts, reviewing six other authors' works, finished a book query and sent it to an agent, and feeling a wee bit more positive about the world and my place in it.  How about you?  How's you Easter/Passover/March-to-April going so far?  Is there a breeze of hope out there that you can feel against your skirt?  If so, let's try to let it lift us up a little bit higher, try a little bit more in whatever goals we set for ourselves.  Come along, I could use the company.

Here's to Spring!

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The Elephant's Child said...

A beautiful post. Thank you. Here we are moving into Autumn and I am weeding my heart out to make room for spring bulbs. Many, many spring bulbs.