Friday, March 30, 2012

The Ides of April

The ides of April - our national day of reconciliation on tithing to the government.  Did we do it correctly?  Meh.

The biggies are done.  Still have a city form to go, but I let them do it for me, beg if necessary.  It's a small city and the staff is much more knowledgeable on which block to pull out and what else to look for.  I've seen them zip it out - including corrections on my feeble attempt, saving me another $20 in the process -- in less than five minutes.  Definitely a plus to let them do it for me.  (And fewer mistakes for them to fix.)

Time for celebratory low-carb CHOCOLATE ice cream and some malted milk stuff on top.  Will share with dog, who let all the tax forms fall onto his head out of the printer without licking the ink off.

Tax Day
It's tax day, it's tax day --
"Off with her head," they said.
It's tax day, it's tax day --
"Let them eat brioche," she said.

They cried over pain perdu ('lost bread' to me and you)
The queen was in shock
And shown to her rooms
In the Palais des Tuileries,
As accusations flew
About queen and brood
And sexual depravities.

[It's ages past now, but one would hae thought
These fine folks were a bit overwrought!
Sporting red, white and blue, in service godly and true,
Did nae see how their war chests went thru.]

"Hae they forgot the brothers we saved --
& it hae Cost us an arm and a laig!?!!
-- Fighting in th' land o'er the bountiful sea
'Gainst King George and his much-hated Tea?"

 "Milady, my Queen, so it may seem,
But this tax is such a terrible bed.
Lie down we may must,
And to sleep in the dust,
Lest the mice run away with our head."

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