Friday, January 9, 2009

Commitment or Dedication: You Decide

Last February, I wrote about the most important thing a person can do to make changes in their life. As Ricky Martin's song The Cup of Life says: Do you really want it? Reread that post to see if you have made the biggest decision yet, and even if you should (are you ready to).

Setting ourselves up for failure is easy to do if we have not actually prepared ourselves to accept the burden of our commitments and of our dedication.

Until writing about going out to lunch today with my fiance, I thought dedication and commitment were the same act. I saw that today, I only needed dedication to my goals in order to make me stick to low-carbs: chicken wings, bleu cheese dressing, celery, a caesar's salad (no croutons), and diet soda.

Every day is not like that. Some days in the past, it has been a real battle with myself. Those are the days when my commitment came into the fray.

Without that commitment to myself ("To thine own self be true"), I might have let the short-term pleasure of something overcome my long-term need to not eat that thing OR exercise OR drink my water (cause I'm tired of peeing or some other reason).

Those are the times when I look back to why I am doing this, and those reasons must be firm in your head. Gosh, there must be dozens that easily come to mind (some maybe you can't print in a family magazine), and may seem like millions. All you need are the ones that will help you walk away from whatever is tempting you now.

For more on commitments, check out that earlier post here: Making the big decision: Do you really want it?

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