Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sat Day 6 Week 1 Induction - Jan 17, 2009

"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."
Inspiration for Weekend of Week 1 Induction: To Thine Own Self BE TRUE!

Random Thoughts:

It's one of the coldest days in least this morning. Maybe traffic won't be so bad. I don't really feel like going to the grocery store afterwards myself. Will do that later.

Fiance has a headache today; not sure if he feels up to going to a concealed weapons class tonight. Yes? No? Answers affect dinner plans. We stay home in the end; napping too late to really feel like going. Dinner plans turn into "grab" and I look for something OP. I grab chicken wings, then force some lettuce down later.

PERSONAL HAZARD (S)- Not being alone (other's schedules and wants come into play), the RE Investor's seminar scheduled Sat morn, not Thurs morn (same hazards, more traffic to deal with perhaps)

Progress so far:

Doctor Appt:
Did it.

READ THE BOOK: Did what I needed, still referring to book as I "work the system,"
seems I need to figure out portions with tomatoes - part of the beef dish I love to make.

ONGOING ASSIGNMENT: Induction Week - all systems go! (Food, Water, Exercise)

NEW ASSIGNMENT: Look ahead each day to the next day's menu; make sure it's ready to go.

BP -

Weight: 184.5 - N/C from yesterday, again.
Cholesterol: Numbers from 30 May 08 (Doctor's office):
Total: 250
Trig: 56
HDL: 93
LDL: 146
Vitals that day: Wt: 171 BP: 126/82 Pulse: 72

Stretching 2 mins
Cardio zero
Strength zero

Water: 96 oz
- managed to get that in, even if everything else was off a bit. Easier in a hot, dry, seminar room (drank 32 oz then).

Breakfast: egg beaters with cinnamon, onion powder and splenda, as an omelet; 3 precooked maple sausage links, microwaved for 30 sec., 2 mugs coffee w/ S/L and milk

Lunch: chicken wings with ranch dressing - a lot of them...noticed they have 2 carbs per 5? need to count how many a bit closer; probably had 18? was feeling hungry or irritable
Dinner: made my "beef goulash" with cinnamon, parsley, salt, cayenne, diced tomatoes/paste and browned beef, plus a sprinkling of splenda. Sometimes add chunky mushrooms to it, not tonight. Had 2 leaves of romaine later to finish off the lettuce veggies for the day.


No change in weight; may not mean anything other than not exercising. May be a reaction to having the avocado yesterday (the book warns that avocadoes and olives may affects some people's weight loss), or could be the jello. The box says there's no carbs. Not sure that could really be true.

BP: Not taking it regularly anymore, but still checking. It's always up after I'm stressed over something, otherwise it's pretty good (118/76 and a pulse of around 60) so I'm not going to stress over it.
Ketones: Didn't check today.

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