Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sun Day 7 Week 1 Induction

"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."
Inspiration for Weekend of Week 1 Induction: To Thine Own Self BE TRUE!

Random Thoughts:

Today was a day when I should keep my thoughts to myself. You know what kind of day that is. I holed up in my bed with a book and avoided making any other mistakes (like leaving the room except to eat). It's hard to remember what I ate, in retrospect, but I know I didn't pig out and order pizza. I had to recreate the menu (below) by comparing the day before's and the day after...I tend to make more than one serving so I have more. Not being able to follow my menu because I was missing an ingredient, then having ennui and malaise (boredom, not caring, those kinds of attitudes, you know?) meant I didn't even want to go to the grocery store to fix the problem, just grabbing whatever I thought was OP. By the end of the day, I had not had my lettuce at all, so I was NOT "OP" or "On Program" - I'm not giving up yet. Would you?

Just one of those days we forget about later, or wish we could. Tho the book was good.

PERSONAL HAZARD (S)- Stress, Irritation at others (can work for and against me at various times - how about you?), Not having ingredients ready to make planned meals (not having an eggplant to make moussaka), not caring (big problem for me at times - anger works better, but when I "don't care" I tend to make bigger mistakes in my life)

Progress so far:

Doctor Appt:
Did it.

READ THE BOOK: Did what I needed, still referring to the book as I "work the system."

ONGOING ASSIGNMENT: Induction Week - all systems go! (Food, Water, Exercise)

NEW ASSIGNMENT: Look ahead each day to the next day's menu; make sure it's ready to go.

BP -

Weight: 185.0 (up 1/2 pound - first real change in wrong direction)
Cholesterol: Numbers from 30 May 08 (Doctor's office):
Total: 250
Trig: 56
HDL: 93
LDL: 146
Vitals that day: Wt: 171 BP: 126/82 Pulse: 72

Exercise: skipped again...not good...

Water: 96 oz

Breakfast: leftover beef goulash- ground beef browned with cinnamon, splenda, cayenne pepper, salt, tomatoes and tomatoe paste, parsley - also 2 mugs coffee w/ S/L and milk

Lunch: 6 chicken wings, celery, and ranch dressing
Dinner: 6 strips of bacon and 2 oz of cheddar cheese
Dessert: made a cheesecake - kinda - by adding egg beaters and vanilla to my cream cheese with splenda and cinnamon, then cooking a la NY style cheesecake: 15 min at 500 degrees, then down to 200 degrees (only 35 minutes since I only used 8 oz of cream cheese) and let cool in the oven. I sprinkled splenda and cinnamon over the top before I cooked it, and ate it as soon as I could. As a dessert, on Atkins, it was a good change. I stopped at eating all of it - left about 1/2-1/3 for breakfast (after chilling) to see if it was more like a cheesecake later. As a cheesecake, it would fail the test. But, that just means no one else will want any, so there is more for me! Then again, a lot more work when all I did was add eggs to the cream cheese mix I make quickly already. An alternative would be to add cream cheese to the omelet mix I have. What is it with me and cinnamon? Not sure, but seems I can use a lot less salt. And I like it.


185.0 - up 1/2 pound...wrong direction.

BP: Way up after stress-event; normal otherwise, so no issues.
Ketones: Seem to be between a Trace and Small, but not sure. These strips are tinted differently it seems; all I know for sure is it has dropped from "Small"


irishbren said...

I envy you...for your "me" day. There is nothing wrong with what you did- enjoying a "Me Day", Sometimes that is what our bodies, and minds, need. A day of nothing except curling up with a good book. So you didn't plan your meals or have the ingredients for your meals, it didn't really matter, you managed to stay lowcarb and drink your water. Sometimes you need to take this time to relax within yourself.

Chava 812 said...

Well said! That is exactly my point. Too often I think when we fail at a change, which is what "going on a diet" should be, rather than a temporary "fix," we stop when we do something different rather than just realize that's exactly what we need - a brake/break! Thanks for sharing!