Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed Day 3 Week 1 Induction, Jan 14, 2009

"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."
Inspiration for Day Three of Week 1 Induction: Just one day, just a few more hours - Eat, Drink, Exercise - You Can Do it!


Random Thoughts:

Exercising yesterday seems to have paid off; plus I am definitely in ketosis (low end, but it's still the right place to be!).

Running around all day with my dog (in the car), then getting the car checked out, it didn't seem I"d find time to do exercises. Later, fiance took me shopping for a new dress for a ball at the end of this month. After not sleeping well the night before (had to pee one time, then the dog, who was in the garage for the night, wanted to go out about 40 min later, and that just really broke up a good sleep).

So, by the end of shopping, I'm ready to sleep in the car on the way home. I even started justifying how I had walked the dog for 20 min and could just skip exercising (the strength stuff) because I was tired and would make it up tomorrow. Then I remembered that I wanted to do them every other day and I needed to finish 3 of them this week to be on track with that, and that 30 minutes is a lot faster than an hour.

Set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes, turned on the radio (great dance music, great for exercising to) and stretched the whole time (5 minutes can seem sooooo long), then reset it for 10 and started doing crunches to 200...30 in one position, change the legs to one side and then the other, trying for each being 30, that kind of thing...legs straight up in the air, ankles crossed one way then another, and also the pelvic tilts to work the back, anything to kill the pure boredom...
Finally set it for 20 minutes and just worked thru arm exercise using my wine bottles and then some of the butt-kicking exercises...much better than the machine at the gym. I really should keep them in the mix, even when I get back to a gym...

...which I did visit today to check out the facilities...there's a basketball court and a boxing ring and training center - no pool or spa - does that tell you anything? But there was an exercise room with a CD player and speakers. I talked to a couple of women who were there and got their takes on the gym, too. Have to see it at a busy time I think.

PERSONAL HAZARD (S)- Forgetfulness - getting distracted easily and not liking strength exercises all by their lonesome.


Progress so far:

Doctor Appt:
Massage yesterday really seemed to help my shoulder. She did deep tissue and was aware of my condition. I still have a popping sound there every once in a while....will keep an eye on this for a week and see how I do with stretching and exercising.

READ THE BOOK: Refering to it constantly whenever I want to know how many carbs are in a food (quick list in the back) or which veggies are on list 1 (2 cups) and which are on list 2 (only 1 cup, but usually the ones Ilike most, doh!).

ONGOING ASSIGNMENT: Induction Week - all systems go! (Food, Water, Exercise)

NEW ASSIGNMENT: Look ahead each day to the next day's menu; make sure it's ready to go.

BP - 118/68 p 64, 8:30 am

Weight: 185.5 - down 1 and 1/2 lb WOO HOO - very good AND unexpected! Exercising and sticking to my less than 20carb menu paid off!
Cholesterol: Numbers from 30 May 08 (Doctor's office):
Total: 250
Trig: 56
HDL: 93
LDL: 146
Vitals that day: Wt: 171 BP: 126/82 Pulse: 72

Stretching 5 min before strength
Cardio 20 min, walking Bailey (Old English Sheepdog) before his vet appt.

Strength 30 min

Water: 96 oz, plus the soup

Breakfast: 2 egg beaters with cinnamon, onion powder and splenda, as an omelet; 2 precooked maple sausage links, microwaved for 30 sec.

Lunch: - Grilled flank steak salad - measured 2 cups lettuce for the salad - dressing

Dinner: Chicken soup (broth with chicken and celery today)

Snack: 2 oz cream cheese with cinnamon and splenda, 3 T of orange jello

Dessert: nothing


Wt down 1 and 1/2 lb.
- very unexpected!!
BP: Looks normal for when I am not at the doctor's office. Guess stress raises it the most?
Ketones: Checked again this morning. Definitely in ketosis.

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