Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thur Day 4 Week 1 Induction, Jan 15, 2009

"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."
Inspiration for Day 4 of Week 1 Induction: Just one day, just a few more hours - Eat, Drink, Exercise - You Can Do it!


Random Thoughts:

8 am - Need parsley - today's menu and tomorrow's have scallops and shrimp on them and I'm sure I'll want some parsley for one or both of the dishes.

5 pm - HALT! Someone once told me to "HALT" when I was Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired, so that I wouldn't say something or escalate a small situation into something worse. I am feeling hungry, tired and lonely. There was a crisis at my fiance's work today - a communications crisis - which meant I couldn't reach him. When he finally reached me, it was to tell me about it and say he'd see me when he'd see me. So, I'm holding dinner (it will be shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta for him, salad for me - all quick to cook), but getting hungrier. I'm tired. A few achy muscles, too, but could easily fall asleep. And I miss him. He's home by 6:30, but his cell phone was not reachable for awhile (nothing new there, but still aggravating). I start dinner just before I hear him outside - good timing - just so I can eat some of the shrimp as a before-dinner snack and stave off hungry. I vow to hold my tongue and not be snippy - his day was by far much worse than mine (he works in crisis communications, so a communications crisis is the worst thing to happen). Shouldn't unburden my little things when he's got bigger things to deal with. Better eat. This hunger shall pass.


Have a RE investor's meeting at 10 am, sponsored by a broker, so it may end up having a spread of food - will need to be fed before going, and stick to coffee and water and maybe cheese if they have it. Appt at 1 pm for car work; need to get lunch in-between these two - it's chicken soup today, so would be easy enough to put in a mug, heat in the microwave, and take on the road (with water).

Later, being hungry and tired and not able to reach my fiance with questions about where the breaker box is located, or getting a ride from Midas if I need it (I was feeling sick at the time). These were small aggravations compared to what he was going thru, but I do need to HALT when I feel one of the 4 coming on. Good thing to remember.

Progress so far:

Doctor Appt:
Did it.

READ THE BOOK: Did what I needed, still referring to as I "work the system."

ONGOING ASSIGNMENT: Induction Week - all systems go! (Food, Water, Exercise)

NEW ASSIGNMENT: Look ahead each day to the next day's menu; make sure it's ready to go.

BP -

Weight: 184.5 - down another pound - this is good - induction is also removing weight beyond what getting off sugar did last week!
Cholesterol: Numbers from 30 May 08 (Doctor's office):
Total: 250
Trig: 56
HDL: 93
LDL: 146
Vitals that day: Wt: 171 BP: 126/82 Pulse: 72

Exercise: Nothing today - felt need to chill this evening; 20 min of cardio yesterday will help, need to do more cardio plus strength tomorrow now.

Water: 96 oz - including 3 cups of herbal tea and not including the coffee earlier...

Breakfast: 2 egg beaters with cinnamon, onion powder and splenda, as an omelet; 2 precooked maple sausage links, microwaved for 30 sec., black coffee, a couple slices of pre-cooked bacon

Lunch: - Chicken soup (broth with chicken and celery today)

Dinner: shrimp scampi over 2 cups romaine, some shredded parmesan, vinaigrette dressing
Snack: 4 oz cream cheese with splenda and cinnamon - heated up to fluffy ;) yum! (it's a little thick, but some folks say to add an egg and cook it to make a SF cheesecake, so this is good for me on the quick!)
Dessert: 1 cup or more of SF cherry jello - surprisingly good!


Wt down another pound - strength exercises seem to have the biggest effect

Ketones: Didn't check this morning, but stayed OP and weight was down 1 lb, so should still be in ketosis.

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