Monday, January 5, 2009

Mon 5 Jan '09 Day One 9 am-1030 pm

BP - not taken today
Weight: 192.5 - up
Cholesterol: HDL, LDL, Tri: ???

Exercise: Stretching this morning: 2 min plus another 3 min - 10 min by end of day
Dancing in the kitchen: 5 min - added another 5 minutes, finished with 20 min

Water: None by 9:25, 2 cups of coffee (or 3-4 if using a cup measure) - 2 mugs....
I'm closing in on 32 oz at 3 pm. - finished 96 oz around half-time (9:30 pm?)

Breakfast: 7 slices bacon, 2 oz cream cheese w/ flax seed and cinnamon, 2 mugs of coffee w/1 T of milk & sweet'n'low (S/L)
Lunch: 5 more slices of bacon and about 1 oz of cheddar cheese - I need to get some more food. I know i need lettuce, but it's cold in here even at 68 degrees. Must forage for the book and figure out dinner. I think we have Michael Angelo's Chicken something, tangy, lemony...with capers. I think it's low carb, so I will need to check. Maybe not good for induction, but might be good for tonight as my other carbs have been low and technically I am not on induction, but having a "no sugar" week.
Dinner: Had the Michael Angelo's chicken - it was either 10 carbs or 20 carbs for the amount I had, plus some steamed veggies from Green Giant (sans the carrots), 3-5 carbs there,
Snack: Dinner was around 4:30, so snack was around start of the game, 8 pm: 2-3 oz of cheddar cheese, melted, and about 1/2 cup of sauteed mushrooms and onions (3-1 ratio) leftover from yesterday. Cheese is minimal in carbs, tho there, and mushrooms are one of the 2-cup veggies, and onions the other cup type. Also had a handful (5-7 leaves) of lettuce.
All in all, ended well. Maybe not quite induction level, but no sugar (the one killer goal on food today) and lower than I've been doing. Tomorrow, I'll check the portions against the carb counter and see how I did.

BP is 130/80 normally/lately, but last recorded was 110/55 with pulse of 76, then 67...normally pulse is around 60 or lower. Not sure whazzup with the drop in BP there, but haven't taken it today. Usually not a thing I do; not a thing any of us need to do.

Wt is up from 187.5 at end of December. Whazzup with that, too? I can guess.
  • Went thru 2 TTOTM (monthly visits, for the guys), part of the pre-menopausal process my ob-gyn said I was too young for (am I still too young for that?), in the past 3 weeks.
  • Could also be retaining water since I didn't get all my water in yesterday.
  • Ate poorly yesterday - a lot of carbs more than I would ingest for 100 carbs per day, so could be, could be, yet one day's food is not likely to do that much damage (5 pounds) (experience tells me so).

Cholesterol - have an appt in March to get numbers updated with new doctor, so I need to call doctor in Ohio to find out what the old ones were. Bit of a problem getting my records transferred, so that will help in that as well. One of the doctors should have the numbers, but it may take time to find them. Will put in last numbers when I get them.


Progress so far:
Doctor Appt: Need to call the doctors' offices to track down cholesterol numbers, ask about BPs they took, too,use the average. (Will use existing numbers, not get new ones til March since I do have numbers.)
Read the book: Definitely want to look back at this as I prepare to write up a 1-week menu, todays new assignment - but not to be started until the book has been read UP to and THRU the chapter on Induction. I know I need to plan menu so I have ingredients on hand, for meals and snacks, so I am not surprised and caught without something for hunger attacks, attacks of boredom, stress eating, and convenience eating.
Personal Hazard: Fiance likes to add "carbs" to the shopping list. Just like that, no specific carbs, just "carbs" and whatever fills the bill. I keep trying to explain to him that I am addicted to carbs, but I think he is, too, and just doesn't care.
Note to self: Remember, you can't change someone else, so don't. Change only what you can: yourself and your response to outside stimuli.

Prepare menu for 1 week, using book and lists of foods (induction chapter), then create shopping list.

Things I have (now) that I had to buy when I started Atkins before:
Flax Seed - found in a health food store, still here after 2 years, optional (but I like it sprinkled over cream cheese with cinnamon, idea from Dr. Atkins' book)
Multi Vitamin - got at Sam's Club, before I was just lax on vitamins (still not strict with them)
Calcium with Vit D - discovered I don't quite get enough calcium and since I need even more at age 50 (in 2 years), added this to my list of things to take
Potassium - need for leg cramps that I may get during induction - and for ensuring I get enough potassium anyway (not in my multi-vitamin)
Ketosis Strips - got at CVS, need to get new ones now for this new start
Splenda - grocery store, bulk in bags, not individual servings - use in place of sugar, except I use S/L for coffee (in individual packets).

So, here's the beginning - we're not quite to induction, there is prep work to do, but we are not flailing. Time to check in with my support group. As you read the book, think about who can be part of your support group. If you're reading this, chime in and let me know by leaving a comment (anonymous or otherwise, I don't track) letting me know if you've chosen a food plan yet and what it is.

Have you made a commitment yet? Have you chosen a food plan? Where are your areas of most difficulty?

Inspiration for the Day: Think Three for the new year: Food, Water, & Exercise

Random Thoughts:
9:59 am....beginning to think about lunch, still finishing breakfast (some cream cheese and coffee left)...means I am getting hungry? what's available?
11:00 am...finally got up from the 'puter. My legs are stiff, particularly just above the backs of the knees - definitely need to stretch again. Go into the kitchen, my earlier enthusiasm for dancing comes back with a great little song on the radio - love this station! 93.5 lots of "get up and dance" music, from the 70s to today. My feet are cold, dancing doesn't help them. Why do I need warm food when I am cold? I slice some cheddar off the block and throw it over the remaining 5 slices of bacon cooked earlier (reheated pre-cooked slices earlier, bought in bulk, not what I wanted, but do appreciate the laziness of it). Zap it for 30 seconds. Melted cheddar and bacon; a great potato topping even without the potato!! Have to figure out how to have lettuce later (turn up the heat?) Drink some water - maybe hot water?
Note for tomorrow's assignment: NO SUGAR THIS WEEK....should be a given, but again, it will lose 5# for anyone who hasn't been off sugar already....would love to see who tries to prove me wrong on that!
2:56 pm - still cold; fiance said to put on his hunting socks (I said his "wildcat hunting socks" - I just joined the eDiets Bootcamp Challenge group called Wildcats, so that would be me! He had no clue, of course. I'll tell him later). What is it about being cold that makes me not want to do ANYthing? Except sit in a warm bath and read, lol. I'm drinking my water, but not quite down 32 oz yet. I always start slow in the morning.

"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

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