Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tues Day 2 Week 1 Induction, Jan 13, 2009

"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."
Inspiration for Day Two of Week 1 Induction: Just one day, just a few more hours - Eat, Drink, Exercise - You Can Do it!


Random Thoughts: With my schedule today (court appearance via telephone at 10 am), I need to be prepared for both today and tomorrow's menu. I think I am, but will go over both day's menus to make sure I have everything I need thawed, and prepped if necessary.

Gatorade is on sale, so bought two new bottles for $1 and fiance is drinking them so I don't even have to waste the gatorade to get my bottles! Lot cheaper than the $3-4 bottles folks sell with their logos on it, and I do like to switch out the plastic since they say now we shouldn't keep refilling them. Not sure how long it takes before it becomes carcinogenic or whatever it is, and how much is concern we will buy less water (I rarely buy water as it is hard to find it at room temperature and I don't drink cold water easily.)

PERSONAL HAZARD (S)- Busy schedule, uncertainties, have to be prepared.

Progress so far:

Doctor Appt:
Numbers are below; made appt to get "gifted" massage; need to find physical therapist still for shoulder, tho exercising seems to be helping as well.

READ THE BOOK: Everytime I glance in the book looking for something (a recipe, my index cards (on which I scheduled my meals this week, as well as my grocery list), I see other stuff I could stand reading again.

ONGOING ASSIGNMENT: Induction Week - all systems go! (Food, Water, Exercise)

NEW ASSIGNMENT: Look ahead each day to the next day's menu; make sure it's ready to go.

BP - was very low this morning (94/64 p 51, if I remember correctly - I wasn't really awake yet) - later, at 10 pm, they were 113/72, p 64
Weight: 187.0 - down 1/2 lb WOO HOO - that's good, esp. without having exercised yesterday (the scale actually kept bouncing to 186.5 but ended on 187.0, YES!!)
Cholesterol: Numbers from 30 May 08 (Doctor's office):
Total: 250
Trig: 56
HDL: 93
LDL: 146
Vitals that day: Wt: 171 BP: 126/82 Pulse: 72

Stretching A little this morning (2 min?) - 10 minutes after zumba
Cardio 50 min zumba (included strength in the cardio, but only counting minutes as cardio)


Water: 96 oz, plus cups of pure chicken broth, taken when I ran some errands (took a cup of broth and my bottle of water (32 oz).

Breakfast: Salmon rolls (lox) with cream cheese; 1 cup of coffee w/ milk, S/L

Lunch: - chicken soup (broth with chicken today)

Dinner: Grilled flank steak, sauteed spinach, a salad - measured 2 cups lettuce for the salad (mixed lettuces), added blue cheese dressing, and measured 1 cup raw spinach, then sauteed it. Doesn't make a lot of spinach, bummer that!
Snack: 1/2 avocado right before dinner - 14 carbs in a whole one, so this was 7 - I checked both the book and my menu - each item - to make sure I could do this, I really REALLY wanted the avocado. Unfortunately, NC doesn't seem to sell good avocados. Again, this avocado was bland and more watery-tasting than I am used to getting in OH. Will need to find yet another source.
Dessert: 3 T of orange jello - checked and this SF jello has zero (0) carbs... Hip hip hooray. Maybe the hospital was onto something?


Wt down 1/2 lb.

BP: Way down this morning on waking - will try to take this afternoon, then again at 6 pm. Looked normal around 10 pm.
Ketones: Looks like I might be getting into ketosis.

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