Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wed: Day 3 - 7 Jan 09

BP - not taken today - took it around 6 pm and had 144/85 with pulse of 72.....a bit higher on the first number
Weight: 189.5 - Down another pound! (Then again, I think the 192.5 to start was "off" so I may just be adjusting like the stock market does from time to time)
Cholesterol: Numbers from 30 May 08 (Doctor's office):

Total: 250

Trig: 56

HDL: 93

LDL: 146

Vitals that day: Wt: 171 BP: 126/82 Pulse: 72

Exercise: 75 min
Stretching 15 min stretching, 5 min x 3 times during the day
Dancing - Did Zumba this evening - 45 min cardio
- 200 crunches, plus some squats - total 15 min

Water: about 1 cup so far; starting on breakfast coffee now - finished all 96 oz, didn't have to stay up late to do so (only had a little left by 11 pm)


2-egg omelet with 2 T of the sauteed mushroom/onion mix made the other day, again using egg-beaters and adding dill weed, s/p. I should write a whole post on the magic of dill weed - learned to put it over eggs from a college bf's mother, whose father came from Sweden. It kills the fishy taste of both fish and eggs. But it is great for grilling/roasting veggies and for chicken soup (shhhh, it's a secret ingredient learned from the master (mistress) of chicken soup, Joan Nathan). Just starting on coffee: 1 mug of coffee w/1 T of milk & sweet'n'low (S/L)
Lunch: Before I went to the grocery store and CVS, had some Turkey/Ham roll-ups with Amer cheese (two slices) and Romaine leaves (4) - no problem in the store (also took water with me to the car, didn't take it inside the store- one exception to always having water with me, tho there are fountains and my water was in the car)
Dinner: Make my ground beef goulash - brown ground beef, add parsley, lots of cinnamon, some onion powder, salt, red pepper, a dash of splenda, and a can of diced tomatoes (with juice) and then some tomatoe paste. Tomatoes are in the second section of vegetables (1 cup per day) and seem to have some carbs. I ended up eating about 1/2 pound of beef, 1/2 can of tomatoes, 1/2 of about 3 T tomatoe paste. Parsley was negligible, as was everything else (maybe 1/2 T of splenda?).

Snack: No snack today.

Dessert: No dessert tonight (just more of the beef)


DAY THREE IS USUALLY THE HARDEST, but since I am not following a menu that has been set at 20 carbs a day, I am not really sure if I'm doing induction or not. If I count the carbs later, and find I have been under 20 carbs, then I am. For now, I will assume I am between 20-30 carbs (the dinners I've been having are unclear as to what a portion size is, worst case, they are 20 carbs by themselves).

Cholesterol numbers seemed high to me; fiance said they were good...Found out they also count how many times I breathe in a minute (12) - a respiration count. What does that tell? Anyone know?

Wt: I'm down 1/2 pound every time I pee (Mom, it's my blog, I can say that) so, before I peed this morning, I was down 1/2 pound, then remembered I hadn't peed yet (I went during the night some time, drinking water so late last night before I went to sleep - but hey, sometimes you gotta do that to get all your water in. I always try to keep some by the bed, too, for when I wake up thirsty. Always try to sip some whenever you can.


Progress so far:

Doctor Appt:
Dr's office in Ohio called back - gave me all my numbers (posted above for reference). My weight on 30 May 08 was 171 or 172 lbs - see? I can't even remember - and truthfully, it doesn't matter to you which it is, right? Maybe that day I worried about changing of a pound, but nah, a pound can be water weight (see notes on peeing above) or water retention, TTOTM, strength exercises which are creating muscles (yes, this is a faster way to slim down because it will require more energy to build the muscles, but because muscles weigh more than fat, you may see a gain while your body shapes up - this is why eDiets and other diet programs will have you measure yourself, too. Your clothes are a great indicator of how you are doing. Are your panties riding up? That was always a good indicator to me that I was overweight (tho bad panties can do the same thing, no matter what your weight).
READ THE BOOK: No reading yesterday, tho I did look over a cookbook my fiance owned that was an Atkins cookbook. I asked him to pick out some recipes that sounded good to him. He picked red cabbage salad (yuk!) and something else that sounded easy enough to make, but a bit different from me. See what happens when you fall in love with someone from NY? Who eats cabbage? Okay, I know people do - I grew up with it in cole slaw, mostly, and my dad would make corned beef and cabbage when the mood struck him (twice I think in my life time). So, I will learn a new recipe (yes, I have to follow recipes for salads usually, except the basic "pour dressing over top" - like for Greek salads or Arabic chopped salad - both very yummy and worth learning, but I always follow the book (Rose Dosti's Middle Eastern cooking, in my case, but I'm sure other books carry similar recipes (at least the same names) as hers is no longer in print or available.)

Prepare menu for 1 week, using book and lists of foods (induction chapter), then create shopping list. Also, learn how to read labels - both in the book.
Also: NO SUGAR and DRINK ALL MY WATER (can't forget those two).
I still need to buy some new Ketone strips at CVS.

If you're reading this, chime in and let me know by leaving a comment (anonymous or otherwise, I don't track) letting me know if you've chosen a food plan yet and what it is. Have you made a commitment yet? Have you chosen a food plan? Where are your areas of most difficulty? Is anyone doing low carb? If so, which one did you choose?

Inspiration for the Day: IF it's meant to be, it's up to me - STICK TO YOUR GUNS!...It's Day THREE!

Random Thoughts: Another late start - I was up earlier, a storm was brewing and my fiance misplaced something I helped him look for (not found yet!). Got a call from the doctor's office, then went back to sleep and slept and slept...thru the rain I heard each time I woke up (yes, put the dog up during that time.) Bailey is back outside now and it looks like the storm has passed (per, and I am feeling tired. I think someone else starting Atkins last week commented on feeling tired on day 2. Fiance was sick yesterday, so wondering if that could be part of it, too (he had a fever and slept a lot). Don't feel like that, thankfully. Just blah. Maybe what I need to do is take a quick shower, put make-up on and get dressed? That usually makes me feel better even tho I hate showers and love hanging out in comfortable clothes. I do need to get some shopping done, and mail a power cord for my laptop back to UBC. Had to breakdown and get the universal from HP for my compaq presario. The generics I've found thru 2 sources are both not quite up to quality (the pin is too short).

PERSONAL HAZARD - Feeling blah; weather being odd; my hating to drive in traffic (which is always on around here, a new area for me), particularly when I don't know where I am going very well

"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."


Anonymous said...

So I like Cabbage. So what? Try eating all that falafel and other distinctly non-midwestern stuff you try to pass off on me as adventure. As if living with you and the 85 pound fur shedding, pooping, chewing and tunneling machine weren't adventure enough, I have to deal with your carbohydrate withdrawl. We need to start a site for survivors of Adkin's participants!!!!!

Chava 812 said...

Sounds like a good idea! Why don't you start a blog on that?

I can see it now: Survivors of Carb Addicts Going Straight (or SCAGS for short) could be founder, CEO, and sole member in the beginning, but I will pass the word onto my eDiets group so their spouses and other loved ones can join in, okay, sweetie?

We'll have another new adventure (wink)!