Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tues 6 Jan 09 11:30 am-EOD

Updated below for the end of yesterday

BP - not taken today - took it around 6 pm and had 144/85 with pulse of 72.....a bit higher on the first number
Weight: 190.5 - woo-hoo! down 2 lbs from yesterday!!
Cholesterol: HDL, LDL, Tri: ???

Stretching this morning: minimal, it's a late late start today, not fully awake yet even - got several of these in during the day (still working with tendinitis in shoulder, arthritis in hands, too (mostly in the morning)- end of day: 15 min stretching
Dancing in the kitchen: hmmm, with fiance at home today not likely if he works (tho I think he called in for a personal day, not a work-at-home day) - still, I'll need to deal with someone around and who will need personal attention - probably what most of you deal with constantly, too, especially if your children are still at home. By end of day, did 15 minutes zumba!
- the two of us took Bailey for a while, slow at first, but we did 20 min and I feel a bit warmed up now. I could feel the work in my muscles on the rises (hills), too. So, better than I thought after the first 8 minutes :) Total: 20 min

Water: None yet - about 1/2 a bottle now - or 16 oz. in addition to the coffee and a cup of decaf tea, but I want to count water only. Stayed up after 9:30 when fiance turned in for the night and finished water while playing text twist, hearts, mah jong, free cell, and spider solitaire - went to bed at 11 pm. Total for the day: 96 oz (plus all the coffee and some decaf tea)


6 slices crispy bacon(microwave), 3-egg omelet with 2 T of the sauteed mushroom/onion mix made the other day. I'm trying my fiance's egg-beaters this time. We bought them in bulk at Sam's the other day. I also always microwave bacon, but this stuff is pre-cooked (bought in bulk also) and cooks very quickly. I made him some scrambled eggs, too. Always some coffee (:)) on my second cup now: 2 mugs of coffee w/1 T of milk & sweet'n'low (S/L)
Lunch: Pretty much breakfast is lunch today - we both got up late, after staying up late for the game last night (Texas beat Ohio State, boo hoo, tho my niece's husband went to Texas, so half of the family was against me) then Bailey got caught in the rain this morning about 5:30, so we rescued him and went back to sleep. Slept til 10:30. About to eat breakfast now at 11:30 am.
Dinner: Had the other half of the dinner from last night - Michael Angelo's Chicken something - delicious! - has artichokes and capers in it, some tomatoes, too - plus some leftover veggies (picked out the carrots - it was a Green Giant Infusion Steam-in-bag (for 2) mix I found at Walmart or Target or some-such).
1/2 oz of melted cheddar
Dessert: 4 oz of creamed cheese with cinnamon and splenda, heated in the microwave til it gets fluffy - my fiance tasted it and turned his nose up, but for me, it satisfies the sweet tooth cravings for a while (and I'm one who likes a small piece of chocolate after a meal...) Discovered this raiding a work fridge in a conference room - we had a whipped cream cheese by Philly in the fridge, it had cinnamon in it. I was allowed cream cheese (Atkins), so I took some of that one day. Note - this was our public fridge for guests, not co-worker's stashes - I also did not take a lot, but learned I liked the flavor of cinnamon with the cream cheese. So, don't be afraid to try something new. As I told me son who had to eat meals with me - it's only one meal (which you can always spit out), and since it won't kill you to eat it one time (think of the depression-era folks, folks!), think of it as fuel and go on. Just don't make it again if you don't like it. Adventures in food! Let the games begin, hee hee....

Cholesterol numbers may be called into me today; awaiting another call from doctor in Ohio's office;
Wt: happy with 2 lbs down from yesterday's weight, which was up a bunch from my last weigh-in before that (like about 5 lbs!) Maybe it was no sugar yesterday, maybe it was releasing water since I hadn't drank all my water on Sunday and I did on both Saturday and Monday. *************************************************

Progress so far:

Doctor Appt:
I called the doctor's office in Ohio; they couldn't find my file but will get someone to find it and the numbers and call me back (at least that's their plan; I suspect the file may be hiding now.)
READ THE BOOK: I read a few of the chapters yesterday - they are hard to get thru at times, but there is so much information giving reasons why and how this diet works, that it's pretty vital that we understand. I know it helped me whenever I had to adjust the diet on the run, shooting from the hip, flying by the seat of my pants....you get all these cliches? Most diets allow no deviation, but life is not like that - stuff happens. Reading this book prepares you to deal with unexpected circumstances on your own. You will know what to do, or at least have a clue. Then you go back and read that part again, so you understand the information even better. When you get hungry, you'll know what to eat and why. You'll know why eating low-fat is not going to help you and will probably really throw off your ability to burn fat in the beginning, plus knowing how to read labels and know "low fat" usually means higher sodium (salt) and/or higher sugars.
****New assignment: Learn how to read labels! ****
Still need to read the chapter on Induction then create a menu for a week.

Prepare menu for 1 week, using book and lists of foods (induction chapter), then create shopping list. Also, learn how to read labels.
I still need to buy some new Ketone strips at CVS.

If you're reading this, chime in and let me know by leaving a comment (anonymous or otherwise, I don't track) letting me know if you've chosen a food plan yet and what it is. Have you made a commitment yet? Have you chosen a food plan? Where are your areas of most difficulty? Is anyone doing low carb? If so, which one did you choose?

Inspiration for the Day: NO SUGAR * NO SUGAR * NO SUGAR...It's Day TWO!

Random Thoughts: My breakfast is getting cold, but it can be zapped in the microwave if too cold, just about 20 seconds would reheat it well without overcooking it.
12:30 pm - ate it cold, tasted great. I think I ate it quicker tho. I'm feeling cold again, and so reheated the rest of my coffee. Feeling hungry again, but know that I should not eat again yet - I had enough to eat (mentally know this), so what are these feelings that make me want to eat?
Psychological - could be because my tummy is used to being bigger, pressing against my clothes, after I eat? So, psychologically I feel I can't be done eating? Also, eating it cold and so quickly, I've eaten it but it hasn't registered yet.
Cold - it really makes me want to eat.
Not feeling full - makes me want to keep eating stuff that tasted good.
4:10 pm - not a lot of progress today. Someone online mentioned deviled eggs today; fiance morphed that into egg salad. Boiled some eggs (cover with water, boil water, then turn off and let sit for 20 minutes, simple). Added a low-fat mayo to his with salt and peppah; used regular mayo for mine, it had zero carbs (his had 1) per serving. His on high-fiber bread, mine plain. I added some dill to mine as well, then thought shredded parmesan might be good. Not so sure on that; maybe it should have been melted or room-temp first? Making some decaf tea with splenda - family size tea bag in a pitcher 5 min in the microwave, add splenda to taste (about 1/2 the amount of sugar I used to use for sweet tea - which was 1 cup before - this southern gal loves sweet tea and this is no substitute, but it does stave off cravings....hope it doesn't cause any today. --- I do need to get out and get some exercise somehow today or tonight. He slept all day by the tv (which I turned off).
PERSONAL HAZARD - fiance had bag of cookies out, some on-sale xmas hard candies. I put those in the pantry so I wouldn't have to look at them, then teased him about putting out hazards for my diet. After yesterday, I know I can do this (hey, there's plenty of cheese in the house and i have eggs, bacon, and sausage, so I should be able to find something warm and filling and full of protein if I get cravings to eat. I'll focus on those for my emergency foods.)
"To Thine Own Self be True, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

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